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If you know your astrology, Gemini is the sign of the twins—and when your voice and visuals go hand in hand, your brand will be twinning, too.

there are two sides to every brand story

You're ready to brand yourself, but when you sit your cute butt down to write your website copy or Google "how to design a logo," you feel like you're on the set of Glow and don't how to wrestle. It's the shit nightmares are made of. Put the coffee down, and step away from the keyboard. I'm here to help.

what's your  brand story?

Hey! I'm jen.

Let's Design your visuals

When your words are written and edited (then edited some more), you can bring them to life with strategic, aesthetic af visuals.


Let's define your voice

Whatever you're branding, the words should always come first. So, let's define your voice to resonate with your dream clients, k?



Sales Copy guide


Brand voice guide


Brand Name guide


Let's go shopping!

Just because you can’t afford a pro, doesn’t mean your brand shouldn’t be professional. Shop the guides, and brand your business without breaking the bank.

diy your brand


Morgan Jones, Annex

Hello, WEBSITE COPY GENIUS! I just read through the copy and realized I’ve had a smile on my face the whole goddamn time! You are seriously gifted, Jennifer. I am so impressed—you most definitely get what I’m trying to throw down!

love notes

Ashley Derry, Mad Photography

Jen is such a joy and her process is so uncomplicated. We got so much out of working with her—far more than a mere logo. By the end, we had a much better idea of our identity as a company and how to reach the clients we really want.

love notes

Alex + Ryan, Ancord Design Co.

Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our discussions were professional yet informal; her confidence in her craft was obvious without being egotistical. Most importantly, Jennifer totally nailed our brand voice right from the start.

love notes

Meet Jen

part writer,
part designer

It all started with an affinity for storytelling and an attraction to letterforms. A few decades later, I’m a writer/designer, branding lady-led businesses that get it: Writing is to design what Juliet was to Romeo—star-crossed lovers.


From branding how-tos to woo-woo ponderings, I spill all on the gram.

let's talk shop

let's talk shop

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