hey, i'm jen.
charmed, i'm sure.

Are you staring at a blank screen and blinking cursor? Designing logos that would look better on a fridge than a website? You're in good company. There's a brigade of women who aren't natural wordsmiths or trained designers—but they have ideas. Genius ideas. And branding shouldn't be the thing that holds you back from bringing those ideas to life. Lucky for you, branding small businesses is what gets me out of bed in the morning. (That, and bacon.)

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Agency life primed me for entrepreneurial life, handing me the opportunities for professional and personal development that would inspire me to dream bigger: I dreamt of Gemini.

Say Hello to Gemini


Then, I landed my dream job as a copywriter for a local design agency, collaborating on over 200 brands and writing over 150 websites from Canada to the Caribbean.

Enter, agency life


To master marketing, I went back to school for graphic design. I landed an internship at a national magazine before joining a start-up as the in-house designer.

Becoming a triple threat


After graduating with a business major and writing minor, I started my first side hustle, a jewelry studio, and soon learned I liked marketing jewelry more than making it.

The side hustle that started it all


I was dancing in the pre-professional division of the School of Alberta Ballet when injury struck. The backup plan: Study creative writing and become a Vogue contributor. As you do.

The end of an era


A tutu from the dress-up bin inspired the beginnings of a lifelong love affair with ballet and an affinity for the arts. Dreams of the corps de ballet consumed me for 14 years.

My first love

this is the

keepin’ it real since dirty dancing premiered to swayze-crazed fans everywhere


I’ve been movie-marathoning like a gold-medal runner since before Netflix made it easy. (Try Anne of Green Gables on VHS—all six tapes of it.)

The fun facts


Schitt’s Creek is my favourite series of all time. Ew, David.

The fun facts


I never say no to true crime or tacos.

The fun facts


80s ballads are my anthem. I may or may not have split my pants at my best friend's stagette while dancing to "Jessie’s Girl".

The Fun Facts


My secret talent: Parallel parking.

The fun facts

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Just like Romeo and Juliet, writing and design were made for each other—were we? Email me to start the conversation.

are we written in the stars?