Your brand name is the one word that represents your business, product or service. The one word that your customers will repeat again and again—if they can remember it. So, you've got to name it well.

you can't afford not to name your brand well

brand name guide

Starting a business? Launching a new product? Generating a meaningful, memorable name is a must. In this 17-page guide, you'll learn how to generate that winning name.


Real-life examples of "good" brand names and why they work

The three tests your brand name has to pass before you launch it

How to push the envelope on the names you brainstorm

How to name your brand so it works within a logo design

The questions you need to answer before naming your brand

What makes a brand name "good"—my three insider secrets

My 7-step formula for meaningfully and memorably naming your brand

What you'll learn

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