Here's the secret: Brand voice isn't actually about you—it's about the real-life humans who are reading what you write. Until you start speaking their language, words aren't going to get you very far. This is where you start.

you have to speak your audience's language

you have to speak their language

brand voice guide

Don't know how the heck your brand voice should sound? Welcome to the club. In this 18-page guide, you'll learn how to define your voice to resonate with your dream customers.



A brand voice cheat sheet template to share with your team

How to test your voice, so you know if it reads authentically

The secret to making your voice feel more personal

How to think thematically, so you can write more memorable copy

How to balance your voice with what your audience wants to hear

Why your brand voice shouldn't sound just like you

My 5-step formula for defining your brand voice

What you'll learn

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