Whether you're writing Instagram captions, website, sales page or product copy, you need to know how to sell. If you think selling is smarmy, think again: Selling is serving. So, put down what your audience wants to pick up already. K?

your only sales tool is your words—use them

sales copy guide

When your audience looks past the pretty pictures on your website or Instagram feed, all that's left are the words—so your words better sell. This 20-page guide is your how-to.


A full page of high-converting words for you to copy and paste

A Mad Libs-style worksheet to plug-and-play on your sales pages

My 4-part equation for more clickable button copy

The five types of social proof and why you need at least one in your copy

The most common buyer objections and how to pre-empt them

How-tos, sample copy and writing prompts to help you practice

My 4-step formula for writing copy that converts your dream customers

What you'll learn

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