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So, you’re starting up your business or launching a product into the stratosphere. You mashed some copy together faster than potatoes from a box and thought, I’ll just hire my friend to proofread and pay her in coffee. She took English, right?! Or maybe you’ve written copy you think is going to wow your prospective clients and customers, but it’s less wow, more womp womp. Forget the English major; you need a professional conversion copywriter’s eyes on your site—without breaking the bank.

Meet the Website Reading

two hours of my time—and all the recommendations

Website Readings are one-on-one coaching sessions to help you up-level your copy to connect with your soul clients and convert like the pros. We’ll split the time into one-hour sessions: an hour for me to get as lost in your website as Sandra Bullock in Gravity, and an hour to meet your pretty face on zoom to review my findings and recommendations.

  • 1-hour website review I’ll review your website, from the home page to the contact page, zeroing in on the three pages that could use the most copy love and noting how we can improve them.
  • A pretty PDF of recommendations You’ll get 1 to 2 pages packed with made-to-measure content strategy recommendations designed to help you DIY and up-level your website copy (and conversion rates).
  • 1-hour zoom meeting We’ll pour a cuppa, and set up shop on zoom to review your website and my recommendations together, so you know how to implement them like a boss.
  • A recording of our meeting I don't want you to spend our hour taking panicked notes, so I'll send you an audio recording of the meeting to listen to whenever and wherever you like.

What's in it for me?

awesome af copy

This isn’t editing. A proofread for spelling errors and comma splices is essential, but I’m talking about what so few women consider when launching their sites: optimizing your copy for web, the user’s experience and, of course, conversions.

Optimize your copy for web

I’ll scroll the pages of your site, assessing the length of your copy and how you’re integrating headings, content types and keywords to play nice with Google.

Make it all about your users

Your users are priority numero uno, so I’ll analyze the user experience you’re serving up, plus the words you’re using to speak their language.

Make bank with conversion copy

You’ve got to convince your users you’re the real deal, so I’ll share insights on how to convince and convert them with high-value content and persuasive copy.


for the woman with a website

If you’ve written a website, a Website Reading has the potential to up-level your copy and conversion rates. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, a creative (or the opposite of creative), an amateur or professional writer, this is for you if:

  • You’re writing a site but don't get how web copy is different from any other copy
  • You have no idea who you’re speaking to or how you should sound
  • You’re desperate to hire a pro but just can’t justify the expense
  • You wish there was a cheat sheet for converting users (psst—there is!)
  • You feel like your website tells all—but it’s not converting and you don’t know why

What's the investment?

less than a shopping spree at sephora

Here’s the thing: If you hire a professional, you’re looking at thousands to write your site. And if you DIY, you’re compromising all the good shit you get from a conversion copywriter’s eye. But Website Readings are designed to give you the best of both worlds—invest less cash and land more soul clients. And the price tag on all that? Just $197 USD, saving you over 30% on my hourly rate.

The personalized recommendations Jen put together were above and beyond what I expected or hoped for. She shared smart, specific tips and helped me feel more confident than ever to use my words to connect with my dream clients.

Sarah Jensen

Writing your own web copy can be overwhelming. A Website Reading with Jen is so worth it rather than struggling to do it on your own. It’s a minimum investment that helps you gain confidence and gets you where you want to be quicker.

Sandra Graham

The way Jen guided me through the session made me feel so comfortable and supported. She provided points that were easy and practical to implement—things only an expert could pick up on. I found it super helpful!

Jo ChunYan

Jen’s advice has been the guiding light in how to create a site that feels like the professional ones I’m lusting over. It’s a great value for the price, perfect for a budding entrepreneur.

Julia Cipollone


i’m jennifer

I’ve sat where you’re sitting right now: thinking I knew everything I needed to know to write my site. Little did I know the artistry and psychology it actually takes. I’d like a different experience for you—one where you’re handed everything you need to nail your web copy and convert browsers into buyers. Where you get the best of a conversion copywriter at the price of a proofread. And after writing over 150 websites for clients around the globe, I know I can help.

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When you subscribe to the Gemini newsletter, you’re saying “Heck yes!” to occasional emails from this gem. But fear not, you can unsubscribe any old time. Not convinced? Read The Fine Print.